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Revelation Study

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You're invited to join us on January 22 as we begin a study of the book of Revlation in our adult Sunday School class (9:45 a.m.).

Revelation is the Bible’s final book, and it also has the reputation of being the Bible’s most difficult book. So how can we understand Revelation?

This study will include:

  • Revelation's historical context (What was happening in the world when Revelation was written?)
  • Its genre (What kind of writing is Revelation?)
  • Its purpose (Why was it written?)
  • Tips for interpreting Revelation
  • An overview of the whole book
  • An in-depth study of one passage in Revelation, using a method of study called the Interpretive Journey (as taught in the book Grasping God’s Word).

Check out the promo video for our study of Revelation.