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What's the next step of faith you need to take?

Taking a step of faith isn't easy; it can sometimes be quite scary. But it's necessary to walk by faith if we're to to experience all that God wants for us in this life. So what's the next step of faith that God wants you to take?

Step 1: Faith in Jesus 

Have you accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ? We all are sinners and need forgiveness and reconciliation with God. That's why Jesus died on the cross. Nothing we can do can make us right with God. We must trust in what Jesus has done for us.

Step 2: Baptism 

We believe in believer's baptism, which is the belief that baptism should happen after a person has given his or her life to Jesus. Baptism is a public declaration of our faith in him.

Step 3: Church Membership

Followers of Jesus should commit themselves to a church, where they can worship, fellowship, and serve. To become a member of our church, you must have already completed the first two steps (faith in Jesus and baptism). We will ask you to fill out a membership application form so that you can tell us about yourself. You'll also be asked to read a short book called I Am a Church Member. Finally, you'll discuss church membership with a couple of our elders. 

Step 4: Ministry

Ministry is for all followers of Jesus. God has uniquely gifted us to serve others! It's important that each one of us use our abilities to build one another up.